the path towards superior intelligence


This course will take a person through understanding of our existence on Earth. While a preliminary introduction has been given in the books, detailed analysis and references from ancient texts will be covered in this course. The course will primarily dwell upon the laws of human existence on Earth according to the ancient Indian scriptures and texts. Extensive references are given from ancient Indian scriptures.

The subjects covered would include 

System of Life on Earth

Laws of Nature

System of Planets and its effects upon Human Life

System of Re incarnation

Law of Karma in detail

Commitment of Sins and corruption of intelligence

Usage of Human Brain and Intelligence in living beings

Theory of Four Intelligence(s)

Achieving Super Intelligence


What can be achieved by opting for the course?

Through this course a student will be able to understand the system of living on this Earth. This can be further classified into the following areas:

(a) All of us human beings are perpetually engaged in multiple goals during our life time. In this pursuit we also run after many goals following which is fruitless and will not yield any results. Going through the course will develop the wisdom in the person as to which pursuits are fruitful and which are not.

(b) During our life time we also face many obstacles and problems at various stages in our life. How astrology can be effectively used in our life shall be detailed.

(c) In our lives whenever we are going against the nature we are in a way committing a sin. Knowingly and unknowingly we commit many sins in our life time. Knowing broadly the sins which shall not be committed will take a person's life towards being more meaningful, fruitful and trouble free. This course will enable the student to learn and develop the wisdom so as to understand situations and take the right decisions.

(d) Because of these sins we are not able to get the benefits in our life time to which we are entitled by birth and horoscope. What we shall do so that we can accrue maximum such benefits.

(e) Understanding systems of our birth on this Earth will clear many doubts as to what are heavens and what is hell, how all of these are very much present on this Earth itself. How one can ensure right decisions so that future course of this life and future lives can be better.

(f) Because of commitment of sins our intelligence gets corrupted because of which we are again not able to take the right decisions. How this corrupted intelligence be corrected and what steps must be taken? The student will become clear in his mind.

(g) The student will gain better understanding of human intelligence. Can this intelligence be improved to very high levels and how?


This is a correspondence course. All text materials shall be sent on email through PDF files. One chapter shall be sent every week.

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This course includes the course on Self Realization as above. 

This course preliminary will describe the requirements of characteristics which need to be developed in a person to move higher. The course then starts with certain initiations and initial techniques. The course then moves on to advanced techniques of developing superior intelligence. The essence of developing superior intelligence is developing the power to focus, through specific techniques and continuing on these techniques to make these stronger and stronger, thereby making your intellectual abilities much superior than average. The techniques are entirely based upon ancient Indian texts and not something new developed by the promoter. 

The students shall be guided at each and every step. Specifically the steps are as below:

1. Getting rid of the sins and initiation into Sadhanas.

2. Building up of impeccable character and initiation for Kundalini Jagran.

3. Performance of advanced Sadhanas.

As a student will start on the above path the results would start accruing immediately within a matter of weeks and months. The student's vocation may be in any field. The course would help the student in many ways by way of

(a) Increasing the focus of mind while performing any activity.

(b) Enhancing creative thinking.

(c) Boosting the power of analysis.

(d) Enhancing the memory skills and power of thinking, debating and crystallization of thought process.

(e) Honing up the skills which may be in any field.

(f) Enhancement of favorable situations in life.

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