अपने अन्दर झांकने की क्रिया क्या है?


'समस्त ज्ञान आपके अन्दर है' संत महात्माओं के यह कहने का तात्पर्य क्या है?


अपने अन्दर देखने की वास्तविक क्रिया क्या है?

The questions above are faced by all Hindus and almost every one on Earth.. Lots of wise people say that one must look within oneself, lots of contemporary saints say that all the happiness is within you yourself, you need not go to temples, you need not go and pray in front of Gods etc.

उक्त प्रश्न समस्त हिन्दु जन साधारण व समस्त मानव जाति ने समय समय पर खड़े किये हैं। अनेक संत कहते हैं कि हमे अपने अन्दर देखना चाहिये, कहते हैं कि समस्त सुख अपने अन्दर ही है, आपको मंदिरों के चक्कर काटने की आवश्यक्ता नहीं है, आपको भगवान के सम्मुख गिड़गिड़ाने की अथवा मांगने की भी आवश्यक्ता नहीं है। 



तो यह सब किस प्रकार सम्भव है व इसके लिये क्या करना होगा? 

At UMA KAILASH FOUNDATION as a result of 40 years of research on ancient Indian texts, we have devised the exact path moving upon which one can start on this path.

यह समस्त ज्ञान ऊमा कैलाश फाउंडेशन आपको देने हेतु प्रतिबद्ध है। हमने वह मार्ग प्रशस्त कर लिया है जिस पर आप तुरन्त चलना प्रारम्भ कर सके हैं।

Just starting upon this path will bring enormous beneficial changes in your life. You can start experiencing the changes within a week of starting. 

इस मार्ग पर चलना आरम्भ करते ही आप जीवन में बड़े व लाभदायक परिवर्तनों का अनुभव करेंगे। यह अनुभव मात्र केवल एक सप्ताह में ही दीखने आरम्भ हो जायेंगे।


सदस्य बनने हेतु यहां क्लिक करें

This path is not something new. All our ancient saints defined this path.

यह कोई पूर्णतया नया मार्ग नहीं है। समस्त प्राचीन सन्तों ने यही मार्ग दर्शाया है। यही मार्ग ऊमा कैलाश फाउंडेशन आपको प्रशस्त करता है।

Only that today all of us Indians have forgotten the path. 

वर्तमान समय में यह मार्ग जन साधारण द्वारा भुला दिया गया है।

You spend so much of time, effort and money on looking good and develop your body. But do you also have a developed mind? Surprisingly None of us Indians and most across the world know what is development of mind and how to go about it? You may be in just any profession from lowest to the highest.

आप अपना इतना समय, शक्ति व धन अच्छा दीखने के लिये, शरीर को स्वस्थ्य रखने के लिये करते हैं। क्या आपने कुछ समय, शक्ति व धन अपने मन व बुद्धि को साधने हेतु किया है? क्या आपका मन व बुद्धि पूर्णतया आपके नियंत्रण मे है? मन व बुद्धि को साधने की प्रक्रिया क्या है? व मन व बुद्धि को किस प्रकार साध कर समस्त लक्ष्यों की प्राप्ति की जा सकती है? चाहे आप जिस किसी भी व्यवसाय में हों।

Take an annual membership. We shall tell the exact path, how to start on the path. Then every month we shall send a Newsletter which will describe as to what you must be doing thereafter.

ऊमा कैलाश फाउंडेशन की वार्षिक सदस्यता प्राप्त कर के इस मार्ग को जानें। हम आपको सटीक मार्ग बतायेंगे। तथा एक वर्ष तक हर महीने ई पत्रिका भी भेजेंगे।


सदस्य बनने हेतु यहां क्लिक करें



It is a widespread belief that Sanskrit like any other language is a language of dialect and conversation, however Sanskrit language is a far more sophisticated language than what is just required for dialect and conversation purposes. 

"Any language is formed from a set of alphabets, consonants and vowels. These are used to form words. The words form sentences which in turn are used for building up of thoughts. Without an alphabet there cannot be a thought. This is true for any language. We have already seen how important the thought and the process of thinking are. Thus we can realize the importance of the thought word, the spoken word and the written word. In fact all these are very closely interlinked.”

"Just like a tree takes shape from one small seed, a thought takes shape from the words and the alphabets. The words and alphabets are therefore the seeds of thought. Also just like inside the seed of a tree an enormous amount of information is stored by way of the DNA strings; similarly an enormous amount of information and power is stored up in the alphabets. Alphabets, words or sentences when written on a piece of paper are information. Their power is revealed when they are spoken. Each different sound has different meaning and produces different vibrations in the medium. It also produces vibrations in the mind of the person speaking or just thinking about the alphabet, word or sentence.”

“Man kind and modern science has yet to go deep into the science of alphabets and study its true depths. Ancient Indian scholars went deep into this science and thus the basic alphabets of the Indian language are called the ‘Bija’. ‘Bija’ in Hindi or Sanskrit language literally means ‘seed’. From these seeds the sentences are formed and from these sentences are formed the thoughts. From these thoughts are formed the actions of a human being.”

“As described in the ancient Indian texts Sanskrit is the language of the nature, language of the Gods. It is in this language that one can be most effective in communicating with the nature. Sanskrit is the oldest and most developed language on the earth. This language has also not changed over thousands and millions of years. The construction of this language is such that a person who might have learnt the language ten thousand years back and a person who learns the language now can easily communicate with each other.”

The following Sanskrit verse encrypts the value of Pi up to 31 decimal places:


खलजीवितखाताव गलहालारसंधर।।



Which is value of Pi to 31 decimal places.

Above is known from only a cursory research into the system and such a matching of numbers definitely cannot be a coincidence.

We also know that all known prayers from ancient Hindu texts are in Sanskrit language and are in the form of verses and slokas.

This indicates that a very strong connection exists between the formations of Slokas and their encryption in numerals. The slokas have not been formed out of meanings alone, but they also represent a formation of string of numbers which has a definite purpose of which mankind is not aware of.

The same prayer or mantra when spoken also creates a thought process that process is again linked to the string of numbers.

Now remember that all the data that is stored in computers is in the form of mathematical numerals. Therefore, the human brain which is a gargantuan computer also has the capability of analyzing the string of numbers spoken and create a certain particular intelligence or capability or skill which a person can then use to own advantage.

In Hindu religion it is normal to practice or recite a particular hymn every day for a particular effect. The hymns or slokas are to be repeated again and again till the string of numbers those hymns represent embed into the brain of the person reciting the hymn. Similarly, it is normal practice to repeat a mantra for a definite number of specified repetitions. By doing so many repetitions a particular intelligence gets embedded into the brain of the reciter and the person is able to perform a specific job which otherwise he has been unable to. The string of numbers is embedded through the process of reciting and therefore this process of repetitive recitation is altering or modifying the intelligence of the person.

Therefore we can arrive, with an amount of certainty, upon the conclusion that the mantras and various prayers in the ancient Hindu scriptures do definitely have a way of working with human brain and therefore human intelligence. The reality is that the entire gamut of ancient Hindu scriptures call upon two principle requirements one is development of character and the second is recital of hymns, verses and mantras. Therefore it is important to understand that the meaning of the texts is important only to the extent of understanding the verses. The real effect of verses is possible only if they are recited in the Sanskrit language.

Not just the person who is reciting the prayer or the mantra but the people who are listening to that prayer or the mantra also have a thought process initiated and that string of numbers is getting into the listener’s brain as well producing the right kind of vibrations and embedding of the string of numbers into the listener’s brain as well.

This power of correction of intelligence and creation of better circumstances is attributable ONLY TO THE SANSKRIT LANGUAGE. There is no other language in the world which can perform these miracles. This is the power of Sanskrit language and this is the reason that Sanskrit language is most powerful language in the world.

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