Understanding Sanatan Dharma




A huge number of websites and individuals all over the world claim to have discovered the process of awakening of the Kundalini. Many of these are also offering various courses and methodologies to activate the chakras which would lead to awakening of kundalini. They also claim that colors and visions may be experienced, or some activity in the spinal cord would be observed and so on. Some explain the process of awakening of Kundalini as that of meditating upon the chakras, some try to activate by placing hand on chakras for energization.

Is awakening of Kundalini anything like this? or can the Kundalini be activated in this way? Friends you are all very far from the real truth about Kundalini.

A very important fact about all of these people offering various courses is that none of these people are able to tell exactly as to what would happen when the Kundalini is really awakened?

Therefore, not just all over the world but even in India, no body is specific or clear or knows precisely as to what Kundalini is and hw it can be awakened? No one has been able to tell exactly as to what Awakening of Kundalini force is? and what would happen when the Kundalini is awakened?

At Uma Kailash Foundation the promoter has been researching Kundalini since about last 12 years. The research started with the discovery of  an ancient Indian text in Sanskrit language which describes the complete process of Kundalini Awakening  and also lists the results that would be achievable. The procedure explained in this text includes several common and uncommon Yogic Asanas, meditation and several other techniques which would lead to awakening of the Kundalini force. The text also lists out explicitly as to what will happen as one starts on this journey step by step.

To give an idea I shall enumerate some of the results that can be achieved. I have been practicing Yoga since last 43 years or so. The Kundalini Yoga Asanas I am practicing since last 12 years or so. The results obtained from these asanas are truly astounding. On the basis of these results I can say with confirmation that the results listed below can definitely be achieved if all the procedures and do's and don'ts are followed methodically and diligently.

The first step alone leads to the following within six months:

1. The physical body becomes balanced, body starts to emanate fragrance, body becomes physically attractive, voice becomes clear and sweet. The digestion becomes very strong, the disciple becomes happy and starts experiencing good things in life, thinking process becomes wider and all encompassing, the person performs all his tasks with enthusiasm.

2. The disciple's body becomes disease free, and he also achieves prosperity in life.

3. He becomes powerful enough to kill animals like lion and elephant with one slap of hand and he can balance his entire body on thumbs.

4. The disciple can leave the ground sitting in Padmasana.

5. He can see events from great distances and hear from great distances.

6. In the third stage the disciple activates all the chakras in the body. 

7. The disciple can travel anywhere not just on Earth but in water, fire and air and also in the entire universe.


Above listed are only a few of the results. The original text lists out many other.

At present I have been practicing hardly 5% of the total practice yet I have achieved disease free life free from any of the life style diseases or any other disease whatsoever. I do not remember when I caught cold last, even in severe winters. My ageing process is considerably slowed down. At the age of 64 I have more energy and stamina than young people of 20 years or so. There are no old age related problems or diseases. The results are equally good on women. An abdominal ultrasound of a 59 years old female practicing these asanas, the doctor commented that it resembles that of a sixteen years old girl. 

The text explicitly says that the one who practices these asanas for him or her, 100 Brahm days are equivalent to just one second. This clearly shows that the ageing process can be reduced considerably.

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