अपने अन्दर झांकने की क्रिया क्या है?


'समस्त ज्ञान आपके अन्दर है' संत महात्माओं के यह कहने का तात्पर्य क्या है?


अपने अन्दर देखने की वास्तविक क्रिया क्या है?

The questions above are faced by all Hindus and almost every one on Earth.. Lots of wise people say that one must look within oneself, lots of contemporary saints say that all the happiness is within you yourself, you need not go to temples, you need not go and pray in front of Gods etc.

उक्त प्रश्न समस्त हिन्दु जन साधारण व समस्त मानव जाति ने समय समय पर खड़े किये हैं। अनेक संत कहते हैं कि हमे अपने अन्दर देखना चाहिये, कहते हैं कि समस्त सुख अपने अन्दर ही है, आपको मंदिरों के चक्कर काटने की आवश्यक्ता नहीं है, आपको भगवान के सम्मुख गिड़गिड़ाने की अथवा मांगने की भी आवश्यक्ता नहीं है। 



तो यह सब किस प्रकार सम्भव है व इसके लिये क्या करना होगा? 

At UMA KAILASH FOUNDATION as a result of 40 years of research on ancient Indian texts, we have devised the exact path moving upon which one can start on this path.

यह समस्त ज्ञान ऊमा कैलाश फाउंडेशन आपको देने हेतु प्रतिबद्ध है। हमने वह मार्ग प्रशस्त कर लिया है जिस पर आप तुरन्त चलना प्रारम्भ कर सके हैं।

Just starting upon this path will bring enormous beneficial changes in your life. You can start experiencing the changes within a week of starting. 

इस मार्ग पर चलना आरम्भ करते ही आप जीवन में बड़े व लाभदायक परिवर्तनों का अनुभव करेंगे। यह अनुभव मात्र केवल एक सप्ताह में ही दीखने आरम्भ हो जायेंगे।


सदस्य बनने हेतु यहां क्लिक करें

This path is not something new. All our ancient saints defined this path.

यह कोई पूर्णतया नया मार्ग नहीं है। समस्त प्राचीन सन्तों ने यही मार्ग दर्शाया है। यही मार्ग ऊमा कैलाश फाउंडेशन आपको प्रशस्त करता है।

Only that today all of us Indians have forgotten the path. 

वर्तमान समय में यह मार्ग जन साधारण द्वारा भुला दिया गया है।

You spend so much of time, effort and money on looking good and develop your body. But do you also have a developed mind? Surprisingly None of us Indians and most across the world know what is development of mind and how to go about it? You may be in just any profession from lowest to the highest.

आप अपना इतना समय, शक्ति व धन अच्छा दीखने के लिये, शरीर को स्वस्थ्य रखने के लिये करते हैं। क्या आपने कुछ समय, शक्ति व धन अपने मन व बुद्धि को साधने हेतु किया है? क्या आपका मन व बुद्धि पूर्णतया आपके नियंत्रण मे है? मन व बुद्धि को साधने की प्रक्रिया क्या है? व मन व बुद्धि को किस प्रकार साध कर समस्त लक्ष्यों की प्राप्ति की जा सकती है? चाहे आप जिस किसी भी व्यवसाय में हों।

Take an annual membership. We shall tell the exact path, how to start on the path. Then every month we shall send a Newsletter which will describe as to what you must be doing thereafter.

ऊमा कैलाश फाउंडेशन की वार्षिक सदस्यता प्राप्त कर के इस मार्ग को जानें। हम आपको सटीक मार्ग बतायेंगे। तथा एक वर्ष तक हर महीने ई पत्रिका भी भेजेंगे।


सदस्य बनने हेतु यहां क्लिक करें



Any language is formed from a set of alphabets, consonants and vowels. These are used to form words. The words form sentences which in turn are used for building up of thoughts. Without an alphabet there cannot be a thought. This is true for any language. We have already seen how important the thought and the process of thinking are. Going deeper we see that the thought is also made up of words. The words on the other hand are made up of alphabets. Thus we can realize the importance of the thought word, the spoken word and the written word. In fact all these are very closely interlinked.

Just like a tree takes shape from one small seed, a thought takes shape from the words and the alphabets. The words and alphabets are therefore the seeds of thought. Also just like inside the seed of a tree an enormous amount of information is stored by way of the DNA strings; similarly an enormous amount of information and power is stored up in the alphabets. Alphabets, words or sentences when written on a piece of paper are information. Their power is revealed when they are spoken. The only way this power can be revealed is by getting into the act of speaking up the information. Each different sound has different meaning and produces different vibrations in the medium. It also produces vibrations in the mind of the person speaking or just thinking about the alphabet, word or sentence.

Human kind and modern science has yet to go deep into the science of alphabets and study its true depths.

Ancient Indian scholars went deep into this science and thus the basic alphabets of the Indian language are called the ‘Bija’. ‘Bija’ in Hindi or Sanskrit language literally means ‘seed’. From these seeds the sentences are formed and from these sentences are formed the thoughts. From these thoughts are formed the actions of a human being.

Just like the ‘bija’ or the seed needs to be sown into the earth for a tree to be born, these ‘bijas’ of alphabets are also to be sown in the minds of individuals for the thoughts to take shape. Unless these seeds are sown in the mind the process of thought cannot be feasible and cannot be generated. The mind of a person forms the fertile earth from which new thoughts may be born.

These ‘bijas, may not be just plain alphabets, but a combination of alphabets, consonants and so on.

It is stated in the ancient Indian texts that each type of energy that is prevalent in and around us is the result of a seed alphabet. Each energy has emerged as a result of a spoken word. Thus each and every energy is associated with a particular spoken word or sentence. Since each and every energy is associated with spoken words, these energies also respond to these spoken words. Therefore each type of energy can also be influenced by the correct use of that seed alphabet or word or sentence associated with the energy.

Below is thus the list of all the seed alphabets in the Sanskrit language. Each alphabet is associated with a particular energy. All these energies can be influenced by the words, phrases or sentences formed using the particular seed alphabets.


  Pronounced as ‘Aa’.   

  Pronounced as ‘Aaa’.

  Pronounced as ‘Ee’.

  Pronounced as ‘Eee’.

  Pronounced as ‘Oo’.

  Pronounced as ‘Ooo’.

  Pronounced as ‘Rr’.

  Pronounced as ‘Rrr’.

The person who meditates upon the above eight alphabets and their associated energies is blessed with the eight energies of the spoken words and becomes the leader of the wealthiest of all wealthy persons in the world. He becomes the king of kings on earth. Such a person also overcomes his desires.  Pronounced as ‘Lr’.

  Pronounced as ‘Lrr’.

  Pronounced as ‘Ae’.          

  Pronounced as ‘Aye’.

  Pronounced as ‘O’ as in ‘Bowl’.

  Pronounced as ‘Au’ as in ‘Ball’.

अं  Pronounced as ‘Um’ as in ‘Sum’.

अः Pronounced as ‘Ah’.

The energy presiding over the above eight vowels is the energy of good omens. She has the face of wine and is the destroyer of mantras. She looks after the saints in the world and her devotees and provides them with all round well being.


  Pronounced as ‘Ka’

This category of five alphabets starting from from Ka to next four below ending with Ngya are Kamakhya energy, this energy encompasses the three worlds and energy responsible for its sustenance. This energy is always present in the nine supreme energies known as Navsiddhi and resides in fire. This energy is also the creator of sky or space. She is serious has the personality of a dagger. When this alphabet or the mantras created using this letter are meditated upon it purifies the person, the meditation also brings happiness to the family of the person meditating. Such person is also a winner always.

  Pronounced as ‘Kha’.

Belonging to the ‘Ka’ category this energy is responsible for the movement of all the living beings. Its size is approximately 76,800 feet. This energy is rigid and loves to be agile. It protects the world by residing in knowledge, strength and courage. She is also the process of thought in the businesses, sleep and deep knowledge and is flamboyantly visible everywhere.

  Pronounced as ‘Ga’ as in ‘Garnet’.

This energy is an important mantra consisting of 24 alphabets. She is the energy of intelligence, movement and leader of many energy forms. Whose reasoning is profound and resides in the fire in the homes. Has the looks of a cow, is pregnant, and is one of the sustaining forces behind the three worlds.

  Pronounced as ‘Gha’.

This energy is the heat energy in the atmosphere and wind. Has pleasing constitution, and resembles the sound of a bead in an anklet. She is the event which brings sleep and it rides a horse.

Pronounced as ‘Nga’.

Resides in a point, eats poison as food, is strong and powerful like fire, works hard for the seed, lover of sharp edged weapons made from iron, complete with figure of 5, pronounced by the nose, gives pleasure and has six faces or looks.

And so on. Similar descriptions are available in the text "Tantra Raj Tantra" for all the other alphabets. These have also been given in my book 'Online with Gods'.

Having understood the process of energies associated with each and every living being and energies associated with each and every spoken alphabet and word we have to now see understand the form of the mantras.

As stated earlier there are 70,000,000 mantras as given by the supreme Guru, Lord Shiva. These mantras have been mainly 64 principle volumes of texts. It is beyond the scope of this book to give all the details about all the texts. I would also avoid giving details of the available texts as the mantras should go into the right hands and not into the hands of unscrupulous people with vested interests. Many of these texts are not available and many are only in the Sanskrit language yet to be translated.

Initially all the mantras were given by Lord Shiva for the benefit of people so that people could correct the course of their lives. Nobody can construct new mantras as only the mantras given by Lord Shiva himself are the valid ones. These were all stated in the Prakrut or the Sanskrit language. The mantras were also given in the form of rhymes giving name and of the seed word instead of the seed word itself. This was to ensure that there is no loss of the mantra or its constituents even after many many years. This was also so that the student could gain a proper understanding into the construction of the mantra.

For example the mantra

।। वक्रतुण्डाय हुम  ।।

has been described as follows:

जलं चक्री वह्नियुतः कर्णेन्द्वाढ्या च कामिका ।। १ ।।

दारको दीर्घसंयुक्तो वायुः कवचपश्‍चिम ।

षडक्षरो मन्त्रराजो भजतामिष्टसिद्धिदः ।। २ ।।

It should also be noted that reciting the above rhyme is of no significance. Reciting of the mantra formed out of the above rhyme is of great significance.

When the above rhyme is analyzed along with the names of the seed words as in the tables below, one can understand how the six alphabet mantra is constructed from the above rhyme. Therefore to understand the mantras one needs to understand the seed words first. Important seed words with their short descriptions are given below.

For example the word क्रीं pronounced as ‘Kreem’ is the seed word for the energy which can be influenced to protect one self against all evils and dangerous situations. This energy is also described as a physical form and Goddess popularly known as powerful ‘Mother Kali’. This particular seed word and a range of mantras containing this seed word can be extremely effectively used by individuals to gain an all round protection not only for the self but the entire family of the subject.

Similarly the word ऐं pronounced as ‘Ayeem’ is the seed word for the energy which can be influenced to gain enormous powers of the intellect, to gain powers as a singer and a musician, to gain power as an orator. This energy is also described as a physical form and Goddess popularly known as ‘Mother Saraswati’. Again this seed word along with a number of mantras associated with this seed word can be extremely effectively used to gain powers as described above.

Similarly there are seed words as described below which can be used to gain various powers and material wealth and objects:

गं is a seed word known as गणनायक (Gan-nayak) and सेन्दुशाड्गीं (Sendushangi), and pronounced as ‘Gum’ as in ‘mum’ is very effective and useful to gain all round success in business.

श्रींis a seed word known as लक्ष्मी, रमा, पद्मा (Lakshmi, Rama, Padma) and pronounced as ‘Shreem’ is associated with the mother Goddess controlling the wealth of the world. When meditated upon gives all round wealth.

क्लींis a seed word known as मनोरथ, मन्मथ, मनोभव (Manorath, Manmath, Manobhav) and pronounced as ‘Kleem’ is known as Kamraj Mantra, when meditated upon and meditated with is capable of imparting various powers of attracting other people. This mantra spreads love and gives special powers to all human beings.

Similar descriptions are available for all the seed mantras.

Mantras are formed mainly by the combination of the above seed words, names of energies and the work to be done. For example, let us consider the following mantra:

।। ॐ श्रीं गं सौम्याय गणपतये वर वरद सर्वजनं मे वशमनाय स्वाहा ।।

Pronounced as

“Aum Shreem Gam Saumyaye Ganpataye Var Varad Sarvjan Me Vashamnaye Swaha”.

This mantra is famous as “Lakshmi Vinayak Mantra”. It may be noted that the mantra consists of several seed words

‘Shreem’ which is seed word for the Goddess of Wealth,

‘Gam’ is the seed word for ‘Ganpati’ deity,

 name of the deity ‘Ganpataye’, 

‘Var’ means the blessing

‘Varad’ means father like and giver

‘Sarvjan’ means ‘all the people’

‘Vashamnaye’ means may be influenced

‘Swaha’ is another seed word.

Without the seed words all the mantras are powerless which is why the seed words are the most important to understand and correctly pronounce in mantras.

There are certain other mantras as well for example:

।। कएइलह्रीं हसकहलह्रीं सकलह्रीं ।।

Pronounced as ‘Ka Ae Ee La Hreem Ha Sa Ka Ha La Hreem Sa Ka La Hreem’ is one of the most powerful mantras of Goddess of wealth. As it is the words do not mean anything, however each of the alphabets is a seed word. The above mantra together with several other seed words forms one of the most powerful known mantras. This mantra together with several other seed words is known as ‘Shodashakshari Maha Vidhya’ or The Great Sixteen Alphabet Knowledge.

More on mantras in the book 'Online with Gods' available here.


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